Locanta Local Eatery's (2017 - 01.2020) customer centric food quality

Although LOCA may sound a bit Spanish (meaning crazy) first time you hear it, second time, even on third, ... whatever. yeah well, it's not :) It's simple as Locanta Catering with higher quality food than its known!

What we do is cooking the experience and delivering high quality and healthy #anotolian food to your table and your event, in the sense that you can't be told what it's like, you can only experience all together! Or we could stop being so specific about our food, and just go with the cliche phrase of "where east meets west" like istanbul!

Julia T. /Hulya - Owner Chef

Simply good food you can

feel good about

Machiavelli identified 500 years ago when he wrote that " people do not truly believe in new things unless they have actually had personal experience of them ". Either you hadn't been to our old home -Locanta in the past two years or even better if you were there everyday already, we're here to provide our finest food that you could amaze your guests.

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  • Corporate Events, Lunch & Meetings
  • Parties & Receptions
  • Buffet & Station Design
  • Family & Vacation Home Gourmet Dinner
  • Holiday & Special Occasions
  • Venue for Closed Groups

Anatolian tastes from Istanbul

- at a glance -

gf vegan

chickpea dip

gf vegan

turkish spicy salsa

gf vegan

creamy roasted eggplant dip

gf vegan

chickpea fritter

gf vegan
Lentil Patties

turkish finger food

gf vegan

eggplant & vegetable ragout

gf veget
Crispy Brussel Sprouts

signature taste


feta filled turkish pastry

Zucchini Bite

turkish zucchini & feta fritter

Gyro Slider

loaded mini buns

vegan veget
Vegan Wraps

falafel - marinated artichoke - fire roasted veggie

Vegetarian Sandwich

cheesy spinach - artichoke italiano - tomato-mozzarella

Loaded Pitas

lamb meatball - chicken shish - gyroll

meat vegan veget
Loca Bowls

falafel - artichoke - gyro - chicken shish

vegan veget
Mezze Platter

your choice. your sampler

meat vegan veget
Meeting Trays

build your own assortment

vegan veget
Dessert Trays

we're thinking something sweet

Turkish Lamb Meatball
Adana | Lamb on Flat
Lamb Chops
Shishes | Skewers

mediterranean chicken - marinated beef - lamb

Whole Grilled Branzino
Portuguese Octopus
Octopus Salad
Grilled Atlantic Salmon
Schrimp Shish

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